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A Unique Approach to Medicare Health Plans

By Danilo Orina

To be eligible you must qualify for Medicare part A and already be enrolled in Medicare part B and register during the open enrollment period.

Kaiser not only provides Medicare health plans, it also provides the medical care and integrates your coverage and care into a single location so it may be easily retrieved by any provider in the network, or by you online. Pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and lab techs can all input data into your Kaiser medical record and be kept apprised of changes in your condition and prescriptions.

When you enroll in a Kaiser Medicare plan, you will only visit Kaiser facilities for treatment; this includes lab work, X-rays, and pharmacy. The results of your test can be posted to your electronic medical record so you can quickly have access to the results by logging into your account.

Kaiser Medicare provides coverage for medical care, dental, hearing, vision, and hospitalization. Your electronic medical record keeps tabs of your tests and drugs ands allows you to reorder medications at the click of a mouse. You can print copies of your medications and medical tests for your own use or to take on medical visits.

You are free to choose your doctor and seek second opinions so long as the medical providers are in the Kaiser Permanente network. Kaiser also offers you online wellness tools and healthy living classes. The Kaiser website enables you to email the pharmacy or doctor's office, schedule appointments, keep an eye on appointments, order medications, research medial information, and use health calculators and widgets.

Since you are required to use doctors and facilities in the Kaiser Permanente network, Kaiser Medicare plans will not pay for routine medical care that is provided by doctor's outside of the network. You'll have to pay the costs up front. The exception is if you reside in DC, Virginia, Ohio, or Maryland and also have the Medicare Plus plan. You can visit any doctor but must pay standard Medicare rates. If you are traveling and have emergency medical expenses, most plans will pick up the cost.

Because there are differences in the Kaiser Medicare plan depending upon the plan you choose and your location of residence, it is necessary that you take time to fully understand each plan and pick the one that fits your lifestyle and medical condition. You can only change plans once a year during open enrollment if you pick a plan you don't like, you will be stuck with it for quite quite a long time.

Medicare health plans generally offer more benefits that Medicare alone. The advantage of the Kaiser Medicare plan is how they have developed the electronic patient record that keeps all of your vital data automatically updated and available for every healthcare provider to access. Another advantage is perhaps you can access your information easily as well, so you are never left in the dark about your problem.

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